Pure Morning

Another one?

Yes another silkscreen coming up.


Ready to output.

All done, ready to output this thing.
Colors haven't been decided just yet.


Back to anal retentive

So here goes back to my damn perfectionism.

Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.



Just something I need to get out of my system, I might do a silkscreen of it.
Though it's not going to look this crappy and boring.


Last thing for tonight.

Riot Kiss and revised train piece.

First off the riot kiss piece, tried to be looser and less careful. I think I need to make an extra effort to fight my perfectionism.
I also revised the train piece a little, nothing terribly major.


Something for Op Ed. Thought the article was very "religious" in a quantum mechanic sort of way.
So I went that way. Spent way too much time on it.

Late night WIP

I'm particularly grim lately. Not sure why. I'll work some more on this later.


Prints and new random stuff

So I brought home my prints that I did so far. The last one I did with silkscreen was a nice learning experience, I enjoyed a lot. I'm plotting the next two projects which will be both silkscreen projects. So far I have 7 prints left so if anyone wants to buy one or trade me some art for it I'm down. They're 20x30 inches on Pescia gray paper 80 bucks each. Just send me a note on my email and we arrange something. If not I'm also willing to trade for other prints or whatever else that is art and that I might like.
The rest is just random crap that I did in these past few days. The girls are for a personal project that I'm developing and spaceships are just for shits and giggles.


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