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Prints and new random stuff

So I brought home my prints that I did so far. The last one I did with silkscreen was a nice learning experience, I enjoyed a lot. I'm plotting the next two projects which will be both silkscreen projects. So far I have 7 prints left so if anyone wants to buy one or trade me some art for it I'm down. They're 20x30 inches on Pescia gray paper 80 bucks each. Just send me a note on my email and we arrange something. If not I'm also willing to trade for other prints or whatever else that is art and that I might like.
The rest is just random crap that I did in these past few days. The girls are for a personal project that I'm developing and spaceships are just for shits and giggles.


2 Responses to “Prints and new random stuff”

  1. # Blogger Scott Altmann

    Great post Troy! The print came out awesome- I like the colors you chose ;)

    You should definitely dump these on the GA blog - I love it all.  

  2. # Blogger angela che

    your etched plate prints came out super clean! i'm impressed! I still have to redo mine to tony's liking...  

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