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New YEAR...soon

Happy new year for everyone and I've finally consolidated my website and this blog.
So I'm basically moving to this address http://skullsquid.net , for good.
Just update your links and all will be good.



fuxxoring around

I guess I'll call this fucking around, I was trying something but I'm not sure if it succeeded. Feeling lukewarm about it.

One more

Before I go to bed.


Getting drunk, having fun.


Thing for class.
Not sure if it's done just yet.

Night Ripper WIP

To wash out the bad taste that last piece left in my mouth.
This is what I'm working on, instead of doing my finals.


High much?

I don't know how I feel about this...
Been procrastinating all day and this is what I have to show for tomorrow.
Worst person to judge this.

It's late I'm rambling...

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